Data Analysis

Week 4 was short, but with the end of our program quickly approaching, Ellie and I started planning our poster design and finalizing our data analysis. Wednesday we started creating our graphs from our data collection. We were already under the assumption that very few of our samples were viable and capable of sensing any glucose. We made graphs for all samples tested using chronoamperometry. These graphs helped reveal any trends associated with increasing current with additional glucose. Only one sample revealed a trend as expected.

Next week we will create several more graphs that compile the data using our successful sample that was tested over several days. This will allow us to analyze any see if there was any significant drop in current over continued use/time. We will also go back and look at our cyclic voltammetry graphs and see if we could possibly change the voltage used in our chronoamperometry tests in order to see a greater change between glucose concentrations.

Moving forward, we would like to design more samples, but time is a constraint. Future goals would be to look at what type of paste sketches worked best and try to repeat these results. We would also like to test our samples in a variety of solutions such as sweat and other common liquids that contain sugar.




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